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Crossing Crypt of the Necrodancer and Metroid like games, Synchronicles challenges its players to fight enemies in rhythm with the music. Venture on the pulse of the world to unveil what corrupted it, but be careful as your out of the beat actions can cause your death.

This was a school project. We did this vertical slice in approximately 4 months, from the conception to the end of pre-production, providing also a complete game design document and documents of production from budget to planning. We also did some analysis of our competitors after identifying them. 

Please note that this was a pre-production vertical slice, we tried to represent as best as possible what a little portion of our game would look like. You might encounter some bugs if you try to blink in the slopes, and if you seem blocked somewhere, do not hesitate to explore the map entirely ;)

Press LB to use your Blink (a tiny teleportation)
Press RB to Rush when you have a target (to deal damage)
Be careful, if you do not press those inputs in rhythm with the music, you'll loose life.
This vertical slice is not meant to be played with keyboard and mouse.

Meet the team:
Jérémy Guarober - Sound Designer & Composer
Claudia Caillet - Lead Programmer
Séverin Michaut - Programmer (Website)
Constance Gautier - Producer (LinkedIn)
Perrine Pau - 3D Character Artist (ArtStation)
Manon Pieri - 2D Environment and UI Artist (ArtStation)
Lisa Bermis - Environment Artist (LinkedIn)
Quentin Dupuis - Environment Artist (LinkedIn)
Laurent Gaidier - Game and Narrative Designer
Guillaume Dartoen - Game and Level Designer (Website)
Dorian Souc - UX Designer (LinkedIn)

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GenreRhythm, Action
Tags2D, 3D, Difficult, pastel, Post-apocalyptic, Sci-fi, Singleplayer, Speedrun


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